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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Horror movie marathon Day 7: Double Feature

Prom Night.

Can I just start this off by saying I love me some Jamie Lee Curtis.  I mean it. I don’t care what she’s in, I’ll watch it. Scream queen or comedian, I dig the gal, so when I saw that she was in this, I was stoked.

One of the classics of the Slasher horror films, what I really like about this one is that the script constantly puts in characters that could be our villain, we never really know who it is, is it the skeevey janitor, the rapist dude, the disgruntled teen, we never really know, so that is fun to guess.

This is a classic slasher plot, of revenge, for the death of an innocent, years ago.  Now someone is back for payback.  We have seen this in things like Final Destination, or I know what you did Last Summer, Scream, but here it was one of the first.

The killing doesn’t start until later in the film (Prom Night after all) so there’s plenty of scenes to get us guessing who the baddie is.

The villain is visually unappealing, he’s literally a guy in black clothes with a ski-mask.  And he’s not as proficient as you would expect, he doesn’t make all his swings count and not always on target, which is completely different than the Mike Myers or Jason, who is part supernatural force that is highly skilled with the machete.

Okay, having just finished the ending, that makes sense why the killer isn’t that good.

Well, it’s not the best slasher, but I do think it’s better plot-wise than most of the other slashers out there, like Friday 13th.  Oh and it has Jamie Lee Curtis, so of course I saw, go see it!

Hell Night

The other scream-queen Linda Blair is in this film.

While it’s clearly missing the JLC factor (Jamie Lee Curtis for the uninitiated) I like the premise of Hell Night more than Prom Night.  College kids need to spend 1 night in a haunted mansion to get in the fraternity.  Note all of these plots sound old, because well, they are old, but remember this was 1981, this was what started it.

The killing starts earlier than Prom Night, while Hell night came out in 1981  and Prom Night 1980, it feels much more contemporary than Prom Night.

I think the setting is great, there are some nice locations and sets that it goes to and ultimately it’s a good 80s slasher.  Still think that JLC is better than Blair but this is a better flick.  So there you have it.

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