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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 13: Don’t look Now

Losing a kid will Jack your jaw.  Or at least I imagine it would.  This movie here will support that theory.

I get these movies from people’s suggestions or lists I find on the internet, and Don’t Look Now comes from one of these lists.  I’d say that by today’s standards this would not be considered a horror, but more a thriller/suspense, but I did think it has value.

Donald Sutherland does as great job and I do enjoy the location of Italy, but doesn’t have the scares or deaths that you would expect in a horror film.  It's eerie and poses questions with some supernatural stuff but in the end, I was like, "wait a tick, who was that old bird?".  

Not the best, but hey it's old-school, and Sutherland (he's got a Dr. Who scarf thing going on this)

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