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Friday, October 26, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 26: Paranormal Activities

I am a sucker.  Sucker for lots of things, like Root Beer, cheesecake, suckers and found-footage films.  I loved Blair Witch Project back in the day, I remember seeing it with this cute chick from college.  At the time people talked about the camera movement making them sick, it never bothered me.  Some also prefer a more scripted and tight story, but then again you are talking to the guy who loved Real World, so the reality tv show element to these flicks I dig on.

So Paranormal Activity had a great marketing campaign, the shots of the audience freaking out at the film really sold this puppy, and man did they make-out huh?  Number 1 cost like under $40k right?  It made so much stinking money, you can’t blame them for making the next 3.  I’m only going to talk about 1-3 because I haven’t seen the last one… I’m poor man, don’t hate on me.  Plus, if you’ve seen one of these, I bet you have seen them all, the formula is the same, yes they do go into other elements of the mythology (like in the 3rd they go back to when the girls are children) but it’s basically one of those, watch the screen until you see something happen at night.  But to me, that anticipation of the unexpected is fun enough to engage me.

Clearly this isn’t for everyone, and I know plenty of people that hate these films, but hey, this is my blog so there.

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