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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 14: Peeping Tom

Despite what the title of this film may suggest, Peeping Tom is pretty tame, coming out the same year as Psycho, which clearly eclipsed this film.  It is unfortunate because Peeping Tom really is good, it is a disturbing look at voyeurism and a deranged mind.  Since it’s made in the 60’s it doesn’t have the salaciousness that a modern film would with this topic and I think that’s a benefit.  Everything happens off screen, so that makes it even creepier.

It’s a slasher, like Psycho, but it’s color (yah for some of you) and the lead is really creepy.  It’s a brilliant film with a interesting lead and look into this killer.  It’s unique and the film-making is innovative.  You might not have heard of this movie before, but you have been missing out.

I say go see it. 

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