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Friday, October 19, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 19: The Thing (1982)

Today I talk about one of my all-time favorites.  John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Back in 1982 this amazing movie came out, and I just watched it last night, and it’s still amazing.  Seriously guys the special effects in this are still great and if you think about this was 30 years ago and STILL it holds up.  Stan is the man Winston and his crew designed some crazy monsters in this and for that FX alone you gotta watch this. 

Now let’s get to the story, I LOVE the closed off environment, with the ticking clock and the suspense of who is the alien.  The story is creepy and it was shot really nice.  Did I mention that Kurt Russell is the lead?  To me this is one of his best roles, hands down. 

I’ve seen this movie tons of times and last night watching it again, it totally held up.  It’s a classic!  I know I’ve said this before but for me, Jaws, The Thing and Shining are all classics.  If you haven’t watched it go see it, if you have, I say see it again.

That’s it for now, I am packing up to go run from some zombies in SoCal.

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