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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 18: Insidious

Got a new one for ya’ll.
Before I get into this movie, let me say that the main actress in this is from Friday Night Lights, and if I can ever take a moment and talk about that brilliant TV show I will.  It’s not about football.  It’s not about Texas small town.  It’s about people.  And it’s compelling.  Perhaps the greatest show that was on tv.  I’m telling you it’s up there with West Wing, The Wire, The Shield all of that.  It’s on dvd, netflix and a bunch of other places, so do youself a favor and see it.

Okay, now that I’ve done my part let’s talk about this freaking flick. It’s part Omen, part Paranormal Activity, and actually well done.  I started it late at night around 11:45pm and I was getting that creeped out feeling, so I decided to watch the rest during the next day.  That shows you how much of a wuss I was on this movie.  There are some good scares in this which really is why you watch this kind of stuff. 

Then these two Mormon-missionary looking ghost busters come in…then the psychic rolls in, now we get to the meat of the story.  It’s good stuff.  I liked it.  It’s not gorey, it’s not torture, it’s not twisted and sick.  It’s a good ‘spooky’ movie.  Oh and the ending is GOOD!

Netflix streaming right now.   Go check it out!    

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