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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 30: The Shining

This is my FAVORITE horror film.  It has one of the best directors and actors.  It is spooky and eerie and freaks me out to no end.   Can we talk about the music?  Dude, it starts out just scary as all crud. The opening shots of the beautiful mountains are terrifying with this low bass and high chant-like voice.  I seriously can’t watch this late at night.  I’ve seen it many, many times, I probably saw it at too young an age and that’s why it messes me up.  Thanks mom!
One of the things I really like is the subtle use of the supernatural.  In my own fiction that I write, I like that level of supernatural and magic, just enough to get us thinking, but no lightbolts and fireballs. (save that for D&D)

Like all of Kubrik’s films, it’s shot beautifully, I mean like REALLY nice.  Some of the shots are well-known by today's standard, but back then it really was innovative. 

The acting is the best, Jack and Shelly are great, and you gotta give it up to the little boy.

The whole idea of the boy with Red-Rum and what that means freaks me out!
(On a side-note I have a 3 year old niece that does that, and it’s adorable.)

so that's it.  Tomorrow, the big day, my last horror post and something special!

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