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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 11: Twitch of the Death Nerve

Wait, I don't get it Andres, how can we be on Day 10, when we were just reading Day 14... and it's Oct 14th too!  Well, I'm a Looper, so deal with it.  Actually you are in a time-warp and I was camping for 2 days, which due to rain and my crappy tent, we bailed out in the middle of the night.  Nothing is worse than having your sleeping bag, clothes and pack all wet in a tent that is filling up with water.  Then the flashlight breaks... You wanna talk horror, I got your horror!  So after that nightmare, I'm back to the internet and my marathon, so I made up for the missing days. That's how hardcore I am, when I say 31 days, I MEAN 31 days.

This is rated one of those films you have to see, back in 1971 this puppy has more names than you can shake a stick at: Bay of Blood, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Puddle of Mudd, all that stuff, each country region having it's own name.  (except Puddle of Mudd, I made that up)

First off, you must see this film for the special effects.  Some of the best practicals and make-up I have seen and this is back in 1971!  I'm serious here, forget Face-Off that show on Sci-Fi, this is a show for good death make-up for 1971.  

The story is interesting kinda, what I liked about this was that you never know who the killer is and the film constantly adds characters and herrings to keep you guessing.  

check it out, it's not bad.

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