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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ambush Bug Costume

31 Horror Movies

Happy Halloween.  Each year I watch 1 movie for each day of October.  To make this happen I watched a couple of films in one day and even went to a movie marathon in Santa Monica for the experience of seeing it with a crowd.  Most of these are on Hulu or Netflix.  I must say that this is getting harder and harder each year, and it might come to a point where I can't do it, finding good stories.  Here is the list, not ranked:

1.      The Tenant
2.      Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf
3.      Salvage
4.      Evil Dead
5.      Evil Dead 2
6.      Aliens 3
7.      Aliens 4
8.      Horror Express
9.      Children of the Corn
10.  Pieces
11.  Naked Fear
12.  Atrocious
13.  Amityville Haunting
14.  Amityville II
15.  Night of the Living Dead
16.  Wrestlemaniac
17.  The Fly
18.  Kingdom of the Spiders
19.  Rites of Spring
20.  Cabin in the Woods
21.  I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
22.  I spit on Your Grave (2011)
23.  Human Centipede
24.  Exit Humanity
25.  The Afterlife Investigations
26.  The Haunting of Whaley House
27.  InnKeepers
28.  The Sentinel
29.  The Bay
30.  The Conjuring

31.  The Devil Inside

To be fair, a few of these I did not finish the film, it was either too bad, or I'd seen it many times previously.  

Not that impressive of a list, but if I were to recommend any of these here's what I would say you should see:

The Fly (1986)
This is possibly the best on the list, VERY good.  Creepy, great effects, and wonderful acting.
I will consider this a modern classic in the genre

Night of the Living Dead.
Don't you dare watch The Walking Dead or any other zombie movie without first watching this one.  Still holds up, great social commentary.  It was shot on black and white on purpose for goodness sakes!

Kingdom of Spiders
It's old-school, it's Shatner.  It's fun.  A whole lot of real spiders were used.  I saw this with a crowd so maybe that's why I had so much fun, but I say go see it.

For Runner's up:

Cabin in the Woods - Joo Weden at his best.
Children of the Corn - Stephen King
The Bay - Modern found footage film, I liked it.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ambush Bug costume part 4

Another picture. Mask coming out great. It's hot though and the antenna are a challenge to stay in place.

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