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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 23: Dexter season one

Yes, this is a horror show.  I don’t care if some of ya’ll agree or not, but you have a serial killer and that is horror.  I’m going to talk about Dexter, and specifically season 1.
The marathon continues and I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention this Showtime show.  For me, Season 1 is the best and it goes down from there.  Yeah it picks up with the Trinity killer, and there are some great performances from the guest stars in later seasons, but the magic of the premise which was so original in the beginning is all season 1. 

The Ice Truck killer, which was possibly the most interesting of the killers happened here and all the dynamics of the characters start here.  But to me the show isn’t about the killers that Dexter hunts or even the relationships, it’s all about Dexter and his “dark passenger”.  It’s his psychosis that is fascinating.  The flashbacks with his father are some of my favorite scenes and Michael C Hall (Dexter) is brilliant on the show.

It’s not a perfect show.  At times the writing-format is more of a super-hero show, with Dexter having his alter-ego and super-humanly able to fix everything in his life.  As I eluded to, the supporting cast has the potential to be interesting, but the show never goes there.  For me, season 2 and on create more complexity which at first is compelling, but again doesn’t go anywhere.  Even now with season 7 it’s somehow stayed the same even when everyone knows what Dexter is. 

My advice is, go watch season 1 and enjoy that.  If you love it, go to season 2, but you might want to just stop there and see it as a mini-series and have good memories.

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