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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 22: Eerie volume 1

We are going back to the comics medium today.  I’m not a big horror comics guy, and really there aren’t that many options out there, you got Walking Dead, Steve Niles stuff and old comics.  The old comics I’m referring to are the EC books and Eerie and Creepy back from the 40s, 50s and 60s.  Today I am talking about Eerie, and specifically about the hardcover Eerie vol. 1.

Originally published back in 1947, you might think that the art would be out-dated, but you would be wrong.  The black and white looks amazing and the tones of the ink washes keep the atmosphere and tone of the stories.  In this first volume you have art from some of the greats in illustrations, like Gene Colan, (my mentor Howard Chaykin’s mentor) Frank Frazetta and Alex Toth.

  Eerie is an anthology book, and I am really growing more fond of anthologies, as these short 6-8 page stories are perfectly digestible, before bed or in little breaks.  The writing is great, still holds up, is creepy and have that twist that Twilight is known for.

So, I will say this, if you are someplace like a comic shop or convention and like horror stories, I recommend grabbing some old school Eerie.  Another option is to go on Ebay of Amazon and pick up volume 1.

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