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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 10: Audition

Miike is one crazy mo-fo.  

What is amazing to me is that this movie was made in 1999.  Twelve years ago and to me it’s freakish.  The poop doesn't hit the fan until the later part of the film, and then there's these question to what is real and what is in our hero's head... not even sure if he's a hero to tell you the truth.  

Guy misses deceased wife and decides to set up a fake audition for a film to meet girls... then all hades breaks lose.  The girl in question is clearly adorable (I married an Asian so I can say that) but man when she 'breaks bad' WATCH OUT!  I'm serious, the ending is so traumatic that I still don't want to think about it.  And that's what you would expect from Director Miike, but I haven't seen his other stuff, and after this, I might not.  This makes Hostel look like Marry Poppins.

Bust it.  I dare you.

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