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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 25: House of the Devil

This is why I do this!  It’s gems like this that get my excited.  I don’t do this marathon so that I can drone on about movies I’ve seen twenty times, it’s for me to find cool new movies.  It’s for me people!  It’s all about ME!!

So, when I discovered The House of the Devil, I knew nothing about it.  Right off the bat, I liked that it was a period film, 1980s…(is that considered period?)  it’s not too in your face, but it’s enough that I enjoyed the little details.  Ti West the writer and director made the film on 16mm so it has that 80s horror movie feel and title sequence, I love all those details.  IT's really a fun film, halfway through when everything heats up it's good, the effects are nice.  To be honest, I wanted to love this, but I only liked it.  There was something about the ending and what she does to the Satanic cult that I thought was okay, but it wasn't compelling enough, she just started whopping butt.  But still I liked it, I think it's something new and fun and it's stuff like this that I get stoked to find.

This weekend, I'm going to LA for a horror marathon filmfest thing and I'll tell you all about it.  Until then, watch this movie, it's on Netflix.

I'll give ya'll a clue on some of the other films that I will talk about, I must see The Shining and Alien I always see them as they are my favorites.  So see them too if you want to be ahead of the game.

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