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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 20: Millennium (tv show)

Once upon a time there was a creator, his name was Chris Carter.  He name a phenomenon called X-files.  Everyone loved it and him.  With his new-found powers he made another show that was not as loved but even better than X-files, it was called Millennium. 

I was one of those faithful followers of X-files, we were so into it that I bought the magazine, taped the show and went to a X-files convention!  When Millennium came out it was too dark, I couldn’t get into it, but a few years ago I bought the dvd set of the three seasons and man was it before it’s time.

When I say it’s before it’s time, I mean it.  This was pre-procedural shows like CSI and Cold Case, and it was DARK.  I’m telling you DARK people!  This came out back in 1996, and I seriously believe that if this were to come out recently it would have been a hit.  It’s that good.

First off the acting is great, you have Frank Black played by the amazing Lance Henriksen and you have Terry O’Quinn, both are great on screen.  This is a horror show, Frank is a supernatural expert with psychic abilities and he’s been employed by the Millennium Group, a clandestine organization that we know little about.  You gotta see this.  In season 2 things start racketing up and man it gets very good. 

Unfortunately it only lasted three seasons, but that makes it easy to watch completely.  If you like dark shows, great acting and writing and don’t mind the rain of Vancouver, I say go watch it!  One of my favorite shows.

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