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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 24: Slither

Sometimes in life things surprise you.  Case in point Slither. 
On the surface this looks like a cheesy 80s low-budget horror film ,like Tremors, but its not that.

It’s not terrifying, or torture.  It’s not shot dark and grimy or shakey-cam.  It’s very standard in most of those ways, and very different in others but for some reason it all works.

Nathan Fillion is great, as you’d expect, and James Gunn the writer/director does something here that is special.  It’s got the right amount of humor in it and some creepy stuff too. 

The film goes through a metamorphosis, it starts out a standard horror, monster from space-type of thing, the Special effects are good, a mix of CGI and practicals, but then the film amps up the gore and craziness and it turns into a zombie movie of sorts.  You clearly see Gunn’s Troma films roots here, the special effects and bizarre and twisted creature creations are all over this, in fact at times it feels like a well-done big budget Troma film, which isn’t completely a negative.  Be aware there is a mountain of foam and latex gore in this.  If you do not like nasty-gorey slimy monsters then this is NOT for you.  If you enjoy those effects and some quips at the perfect moment, so see this.  It's pretty good.

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