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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 28: Rosemary's Baby

Came back from the Areo theater in Santa Monica Horror Marathon.  Had a great time, saw 5 flicks that night and if you thought that would get me off my game for the daily movie review, check yourself son! 

This flick is on just about everyone’s top 10 horror films.

As someone who is going to have a baby, this movie freaks me out.  And I’m not even the mother!  These sadistic satanic old jerks that are completely manipulating her drive me crazy, and this was done back in 1968, so we don’t have the ‘hero femme’ that we have now-a-days where our protagonist gets revenge and kicks butt.  Oh no, not here.  In this movie, she just keeps taking it and suffering and we sit and watch!  I have to admit it is frustrating seeing someone we care for get jacked over and manipulated (in this case, straight up for the Devil, Satan himself) and them never getting out of the horrible situation.  It’s a great movie.  It is horror.

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