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Monday, January 28, 2013

New service! Crowdfunding help

Thinking of starting a project on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another crowdfunding site but unsure of how to proceed?  You have a dream product but are not familiar with social media and how to produce a great video?  SCC is here to help!

From Design to Product, we help build your crowdfunding project and oversee your promotional and Social Media needs.

We are a full-service crowdfunding and creative consortium, experienced in Social Media and have successfully launched a 280% Kickstarter project.  We have produced films and videos for entertainment and the corporate world.  We have all the tools you need to get started - from establishing your project on a firm business foundation and sharing your story in a compelling way to unleashing the power of today's social media to help you get your project funded.  We have the drive to move your project forward and make your campaign successful. 

We are offering consultations for your project, whether it be creative, tech or design SCC will assist you in making a great crowdfunding campaign.  These consultations will be as in-depth as you need.  The following is an example of possible areas in which Salazar Crowdfunding Consultancy can assist you:

  • Consultation An in-depth meeting (face to face or teleconference) with you discussing your project’s target goals, reach and social media strategy.  Following the meeting a consultation report will be delivered to guide your project’s success with recommended steps on media outreach, campaign production, promotion and backer communication.

  • Video Production We will develop and produce your project video.  With your close-input we will assist in developing your vision for the video and add professional production value.  Full-service video production, editing and final delivery of your project video.

  • Campaign Management  We will manage your campaign how you see fit.  We offer services to manage your press releases, social media interactions and campaign updates, at the level of interaction that you determine.  We will do whatever “heavy-lifting” that you require.

For more information about our services please contact:

Andres Salazar

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ipad Mini Case Reviews are coming!

I have been in contact with many of the top Ipad mini case creators and will be continuing my line of reviews on cases.

Some of the cases that are on deck are:

Portenzo  (my favorite so far!)


Dodo case

Pad and Quill

Apple Smart case

stay tuned for more updates and videos!

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