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Monday, October 22, 2012

Horror Marathon Day 21: The Thing (2011)

First off, I hate re-makes, I can’t think of one right now that I like.  Comment on this if you have one.  So, when I heard about people re—making one of my favorite horror films, I was like, “Forget that big-nose, I aint watchin’ it.”  Then someone just told me to watch it a couple of days ago, and I obliged.  See, I listen!  Send in your requests/suggestions and I will watch it and add it to the marathon.  How interactive is that, people!

One thing I think they really did right was, make this a prequel.  So this happens all before the 1982 flick (still don’t know why they didn’t change the name).  So, while the story is very similar and in a way it’s a remake, it’s also canon with the older movie… now that is cool.

The sfx are good!  Bascially they look like those Necromorphs from Dead Space, and it’s well done.  Story is good, acting good, shot well.  I love that is dove-tails right into the original in the end.

Since I know you guys was the 1982 one, since I just spoke about it a few days ago, now that its fresh in the mind, go check out this movie.

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