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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Horror Marathon Day 7

Berberian Sound Studio

Foley artists?  Horror movie foley artists? Sign me up.  I think this movie does so many things right.  This is what I want to see, something innovative and original.  The directing is wonderful and the idea to NOT show you the movie that they are making is brilliant.  I didn't see the version with the subtitles, so the Italian was lost on me, but I kinda liked in that way, so I was more plugged in to what the main character was feeling.
It's not gory or bloody at all, but it is creepy as all get out.  The imagery and lighting is wonderful, and I have to mention the acting is top notch.  Our main character emotes on the screen with skill.  

Warning, this is foreign, it's not paced like hollywood and there's no big bad guy or monster so if you like cerebral, slow and deliberate films this is it.

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