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Friday, October 3, 2014

Horror Marathon Day 4

Evil Dead (2013)

I've seen all the Evil Deads, but I'm not a huge fan or know all the lore.
I will say that this puppy starts off VERY strong and freaky.  All the crazy horror imagery is there and it's very powerful.  I was thinking, this might be the best one yet.

Now if you are into special effects this is for you, the make-up and effects are very current and look great, usually that type of gore is so much that it loses some of the horror aspect to me, because I see and think about the effects, but the filmmakers do a great job is keeping the suspense and action going so you get into the film. I think the brilliant music really helps in this department.

This isn't a plot-driven film, by no stretch of the imagination, it's a supernatural horror with a evil demon that is raising hell and killing these 20-year-olds.  There's still something to be found here, and the imagery is damn horrific so that will keep you up at late with nightmares. 

It's definitely the best of the Evil Dead films, but I only recommend this to those lovers of serious gore, graphics and bloody guts.

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