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Friday, October 10, 2014

Horror Marathon Day 10

Black Rock

I am doing a service here, I am saving you all from seeing bad horror movies.  So here is another film that you can skip out on.  Black Rock.  It's barely a horror, in fact the blog that listed it as one of the best in 2013 must be high on crack. 

Am I supposed to cheer these women?  I kinda feel like they are jerks and I'm rooting for the men in this movie.  Not like Cabin In The Woods either, where the main characters are supposed to be jerks, I think the women were supposed to be sympathetic, but it was not working for me.  Sure the men turned into animals halfway through, but in the beginning, it wasn't either fault.  This actually would have been a good court drama if they went to the cops after the incident.

 I can't even remember how it ends, but it's boring and not worth it.  Luckily I was watching this while working on the latest draft of Pariah Missouri, so it wasn't a total waste.  www.pariahmissouri.com

Tomorrow I have a horror film I actually am excited about!

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