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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Horror Marathon Day 1

Well it's that time again!  The 31 days of horror films that I go through every October.  This is the 3rd year of me doing this and I'll admit, there are times that it is a real challenge to find good films, as I've seen MANY horror films.
So we start off this year with the movie The Sacrament. (You can find this on Netflix right now.)
We're starting off with the Cult sub-genre of horror, which I'm a big fan of.  Those of you who know my professional work as the creator of the Pariah Missouri graphic novels will note that my most recent book 2, The Promised Land is about a religious cult, so it's a topic that I am very interested in.  The Sacrament is also a found-footage film, which for me is another plus. 
We start off very similar to some other cult films and after I watched it I realized it's almost the exact same story as many of the other Jim Jones movies out there (which reminds me there is a brilliant doc about the Jim Jones incident; Jonestown Paradise Lost) It isn't until about minute 50 that things start getting horrific, but by then I was bored. 

As you can imagine it gets very gruesome at the end, not in a bloody way but the mass suicide scenes are pretty rough. 

I find it odd that people thought it would be worth making this film when it's so close to the other Jonestown films.  In fact, there's nothing really original or different about it.
I would say a much better film would be Jonestown Paradise Lost (on Hulu) which is a more accurate portrayal of those events. 

Overall, I was hoping for a new take on the cult sub-genre, but I think Sacrament fell short, I should have known when above the title it said Eli Roth.  A much better film in the genre is Martha Marcy May Marlene.

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