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Friday, June 28, 2013

Alpha Brain day 2

SO we are in Day 2 of this little experiment.  Effects??  Hmm, hard to say.  One thing I noticed was that I feel slightly nauseous after taking them with a little breakfast.  I haven't read it that's a side-effect.  As far as cognitive functions are concerned, I don't have much data either way on the matter, I will assume no effect until something miraculous happens like I remember my daughter's name on the first try.

Part of the challenge is also that I am neck-deep working on my preparation for San Diego Comic Con and my booth for my book, Pariah Missouri (Facebook page ).  My mental state and thoughts have all been centered around the action items that need to be done in the next 2 weeks.

There is this ever slight feeling of confidence or security knowing that potentially you have an extra boost of mental acuity, which might be the driver for their product marketing and the main reason for becoming a consumer.  This also could just be my own defect and thoughts as I try to become the Dr Doom of our times.

Dreams:  I always remember dreams, and do not believe that this dream has anything to do with Alpha Brain, but here goes.  I was in a large building with rows of chairs, an airport or conference hall, and behind me was Brian Michael Bendis ( Wiki ).  I turned around and spoke to him and I told that Jinx is still one of my favorite comics and that I have been a fan for like 15 years or whatever and then he started getting all teary.  We talked about The Good the Bad and the Ugly.  That was my dream.

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