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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detoxin' ain't no joke

Forget Dr. Oz and his three days of torture!

Okay, maybe it's not as bad as all of that, but man do I miss chewing food!  So every now and then I get this weird idea to follow someone down the rabbit-hole of a new adventure.  So when I listened to someone (you know who you are) to try this 3-day detox shake-marathon I said what the heck.  Minus $65 later, I am now committed!  You see, I'm not a quitter, and my momma taught me if money is on the line, I gotta see this through.  I'm getting my darn money's worth here!!

So I'm in day 3 at the home stretch and all I can think about is eating food.  I do not care about the 4 pounds I lost, I want to go find them... STAT!  This isn't about losing weight it's about DETOXIFICATION.  So the 3 drinks have no dairy or starches and that kind of stuff, and it's all healthy and jazz, so I should be all Mr. Energetic, but truth be told I've been sitting on my fanny all week A. Looking for jobs on the web and B. Finishing my Kickstarter (more on that later)  so I've not been physically as active as normal, and the Ventura rain doesn't help put me in the mood.  I'm too poor for a gym membership, so I gotta be outside.

The breakfast drink is not bad. The Dinner drink, I kinda like, even with the pepper in it, but the Lunch drink is NASTY people.  Like serious.  Celery, cucumbers, kale, half and apple and lime and pineapple.  The taste is just not good.  I know it's "good" for me, and after I drink it I do not want more food, the 3 drinks are enough to fill you up, but it's more of the addiction that smokers have, the ORAL-fixation.  I need to be putting something in my mouth.... but that's another story.

So, I'm almost there.  I'm tempted to set my alarm at 1am tomorrow to wake up and eat some Huevos con chorizo, papas, OJ, tomatoes, pancakes with some sausage and english muffins.  I'm quite seriously about that too.


oh... about that Kickstarter thing.  In 2 days I'll be launching my first Kicstarter campaign for my comic book series Pariah, Missouri, a supernatural story set in Civil War.  I'm very excited about it, and even if you don't like shows like Deadwood and Breaking Bad (yes I just compared it to Breaking Bad) then maybe you know someone who would, I ask that once it comes out that you share it with your people.  thanks!

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